Buy tokens?

hello dear cardano lovers,
i want to buy some tokens and send them to my cardano full client this i never did buying coins i know its eazy…the tokens i want are from the metaverse " CORNUCOPIAS" or just COPI i know the are on minswap ,but there i have check it i see there is a field thats says connect your wallet few wallet i see like etrnl,etc etc and yoroi but i dont see daedalus full node there in the list…guys tell me a eazy fast ways to buy and send some copi to my full node🤔
thank u cardanians
stay strong in ada🤞

You cant connect your Daedalus wallet with a DEX (decentralized exchang) like Minswap etc.

Simply restore your wallet or create a new one on Eternl or Typhon and then connect it with the DEX.

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hmmm ok but if i look @ minswap they only have yoroi in there list of connect wallet and not deadalus full node🤔.anyway i dont like to connect my wallet to anything,like to buy with fiat and send it…your idea of create new etnl etc etc looks good that keeps full node out of sight then send from new to old🤔
zyroxa your are so helpfull allways here
your are expert blockchain tech
thank u mate💪

Im 100% sure that you are able to connect multiple wallets like Typhon with Minswap. If you are concerned you could create a new wallet on Typhon, send the amount you want to trade to that new wallet, connect the wallet on Minswap, trade the coins you want and after that you transfer the coins you traded to your main wallet again.

This way your main wallet is never connected with Minswap.

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super much thanks zyroxa
your hint is great how to do it
i am giving it a try only wich you think is beter
typhn or etrnl wallet you think and safe?
minswap dont trade with fiat am i correct??
example: new wallet put ada in bought from exhange…connect with minswap …swap ada to copi token …send copi to new wallet…from there send it to full node cardano then click on tab tokens in full node i see my copi there​:slightly_smiling_face::grinning::smiley:

Both are great but id say Typhon have abit cleaner UI.


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