Project Catalyst Fund 4 idea


I was daydreaming yesterday and thought I would throw an idea onto the forum for the next round of Project Catalyst funding:

We all know that ADA is exponentially more efficient than Bitcoin in power consumption, but can we do even better? I would like to propose the idea of acquiring solar panels for stake pool operators. This would make their staking more energy efficient and stabilize the network by allowing stake pool operators to have an indpendent power source. Smart contracts could be written so that funds could only be spent at an accredited solar supplier, which would have the secondary impact of on-boarding solar companies into the eco-system. Finally, this would be great marketing for Cardano and the community.

Anyways, it might be a crazy, pie in the sky, idea but… why not?

In the meantime you might find it interesting that some cloud services offer datacenters running on renewable energy. I run my stake pool on DigitalOcean where they have several centers available that are 100% powered by renewable energy. I think it’s a great selling point as well for a growing stake pool as many people might already pick cardano for the lowered energy consumption of the PoS concept.