Project Catalyst Fund3 Voting - Short video about your proposal

Hi everyone, I hope you are doing well these days.

As now Voting happens in Project Catalyst Fund3 - I recorded 11-minute video about my proposal. I did it a while ago, and now snow vanished from the streets, but I hope also that I was able to show you little bit of my city (Kyiv) and explain my thoughts for those who don’t have time to read about my proposal «Aregato - ADA ebook marketplace». I also encourage other proposers to speak more about your ideas, proposals. I’m doing it in text, video, personal communication.

As always, I will be happy to hear your feedback both about my proposal and the video format (as in case you visit Kyiv someday, I would be happy to record an interview with you in such format, maybe it’s not the best one, but gives a little bit of view change comparing to zoom-videos).

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