Project Catalyst - Fund5 Voting Results - Official πŸŽ‰

Dear Community Member,

We are delighted to announce the funded proposals in Project Catalyst Fund5. Congratulations to all those projects that have received community approval.

The official results

  • :point_right: See the approved F5 tally results via this link

  • :point_right: Fund5 - 70 proposals funded plus 5 community challenges selected

    • Look back

      • Fund2 - 12 projects funded

      • Fund3 - 21 projects funded + 2 community challenges selected

      • Fund4 - 51 projects funded + 5 community challenges selected

  • :point_right: 250,304 total votes cast, Β±33,000 unique wallets registered

    • Look back

      • Fund2 - Β±24,000 votes cast, Β±1,700 unique wallets registered

      • Fund3 - Β±120,000 votes cast, Β±20,000 unique wallets registered

      • Fund4 - Β±217,000 votes cast, Β±23,000 unique wallets registered

    • Note: one person/wallet can cast multiple votes

  • :point_right: Wish to look for the previously funded proposals?

Additionally, YOU as a community have also decided on a number of new community choice challenges for Fund6 (originally intended for Fund7):

What’s next?

If you were not successful in Fund5, we know this may be disheartening right now. The Catalyst team would like to thank all proposers who have shown the courage to participate and innovate regardless of the funding outcome. We hope the feedback you have received encourages you to strengthen your ideas and enter a future challenge.

There are more opportunities coming with the funding amounts increasing every round - meaning more projects can be realised. Fund6 opens this week already and will offer allocation of $4,000,000 in ada for funding (almost double of Fund5 funding).

Join us during upcoming town hall via this link & save the spot already for August 11th @ 18:00 UTC when Fund6 begins officially.

Special live keynote by Mr. Charles Hoskinson at the beginning of the town hall.

An extra appreciation to each and everyone of you who took part in this round – from making proposals to refining, acting as community advisors to voting. The list is so long but we couldn’t have done it without you all!

Funded F5 proposers

Proposers who received approval for funding - we will be in touch with all the details this week. Keep an eye for a separate e-mail with onboarding tasks. If you are a co-proposer, make sure your primary proposal owner has a valid e-mail associated with the Ideascale account in order to receive the communication.

Voting rewards/incentives

Fund5 voting rewards and incentives distribution is expected to commence during week of August 16th. Subscribe to the announcement channel to know when that happens.

Get in touch

Have questions or any doubts? Comment below or DM me directly via twitter or telegram - I’ll get back to you as soon as possible! I also wrote this as part of our mailing list. If you wish to catch this in your e-mail directly - subscribe to the mailing list below instead.

Where to find Project Catalyst?

Congratulations all!

Danny & the Project Catalyst team


Daniel Ribar
Community at Project Catalyst

Telegram: danny_cryptofay
Twitter: @danny_cryptofay

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Amazing news! Congrats to all funded proposals! :clap: :clap:

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Congratulations to all the funded proposals!