Proposal to add alternative Cardano explorer on the official Cardano website

As it turned out, not everyone yet knows about the awesomest Cardano explorer in existense (at the moment :slight_smile: )

It’s a non-official tracker developed by the @lovelacepool . It has very good usability and is very reliable. In case you have any problems using it - there’s a feedback address on the bottom so you can (and should) send a report - and from own experience they react and respond really well to such reports and fix things very fast :slight_smile:

It’s a really good and standard practice for a project to have multiple explorers, since it improves transparency and add competition that forces projects to get better :slight_smile:

I have already sent a request to the CoinMarketCap in order for them to add this tracker as alternative explorer option on the Cardano page

Now, the real question is - should this tracker be listed on the official website, along with the official Please vote (anonymous):

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