Putting full node on a removeable microSD card

I have a laptop - and I’m running Daedalus some where on the C:/ drive.
I would like to put the full node (DB-1.0) on a 64-gig microSD card so I can remove it and put it in a safe place.
Anyone know how to do this.

Since you asked, and I thought this was explained in an earlier thread (yes for Linux), I posted the answer for Windows installations there.

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Thanks - I’ll try that

how long did it take to build the node on your sdcard? i imagine it would take the better part of your week

a decent usb 3 key would be better

I don’t believe the old 8m file structure would fit and work an sdcard storage. But now with 2x epoch-time of files this should work pretty well. Ofc not that fast as on a NVMe or SSD but at least by not filling a smaller system partition.