Quantum computers and crypto currencies


I still did not find any clear answer about safety when quantum computers will be start using.
Any potential dangers for crypto blockchain?

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Also see: site:iohk.io quantum at DuckDuckGo


Great info and am pleased to know that we are working the quantum tech into crypto arena :slight_smile:



Thanks for the digital bulletin. However it seems that it’s not an issue for Hoskinson now.

What do you think?

You keep resurrecting these old post and keep asking the same question over and over again.

Same question: Quantum Computing and Bitcoin

No need for Quantum FUD. Not an issues. :smiley:

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It’s not FUD because of hoy.


Probably less than you might imagine. QC is more or less at the same stage as digital electronics was when the first discrete transistors were created. Except this time around, there are a lot more people trying to use those fledgling components than were back in day. Unlike last time, we’re all “sold” on the idea of computers, so there’s some real motivation to get it working.

The other thing is that the proof of concept has been done already. We know it can do a series of useful things - but we do indeed lack scale and simplicity. It’ll certainly be a while before you have a quantum laptop, for example. Before then, we’ve got mainframes, minis, servers and desktops to get though first. Those first mainframes are “right around the corner”, and yes, will only be for specialised tasks. Want to research more on pamm technology for my new project

If quantum computers could become a threat to blockchain technology, it will be known long before such computers become available to those that would like to do harm. There will be enough time to switch to quantum resistant algorithms