Quantum Computing Updates


Just saw this awesome educational video about Quantum Computers.

Hope you enjoy as much as I did.

It’s good we have Cardano working on Quantum safe signatures as at the CES 2019 IBM has revealed the first commercial Quantum Computer.

Here is an older Blog Post on Cardano’s efforts in this domain.


Thank you!

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This is a nice angle to discuss. I was wondering if quantum resistant signatures in Cardano protect only future transactions/blocks.

What happens to past blocks/transactions?

Will quantum-resistant signatures be implemented with backward compatibility?

Cardano is likely to use forward secure signatures… I wonder how it will affect quantum-resistant signature implementation.


But is it not enough to protect future block? I mean it’s a chain linked together and you may always only append?

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My thinking:

Someone with a quantum computer could take the chain right before quantum signatures are introduced and build an alternative one that is longer than the current one and publish it. Node following the longest chain would switch to this chain… no?

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But he would need to have control of 2/3-rd of Staking Pools to replicate this new chain to I believe.

So are we safe even without quantum signatures? If quantum computer breaks signatures and hashes, couldn’t it just compromise every stake pool? It would be akin to owning every pool.

Just trying to get my head around this.

Well you have the attack vector for the Blockchain and your private key for your wallet address.

Both will need Quantum Safe signatures.

To break your wallet f it doesn’t have Quantum Safe signed key will be a pancake.

To break the Blockchain in PoS you will still need to have control over 2/3-rd or the pools.

This is how I understood it. Maybe others can verify?

Of course your pools would have certificates as well to operate and if they are not Quantum Safe then breaking those would make gaining access to control these pools easier.

Then you have all the network level protocols as well.

I am so happy Cardano is a pioneer Blockchain for Quantum Secuirty. They have also very good relationship with IBM. So we are safe :slight_smile:


I watched this one recently that was really interesting:

No. My understanding is that with proof of work like Bitcoin the longest chain is followed. With the Cardano Ouroborus proof of stake protocol only the genesis (first) block is needed and then the correct chain is mathematically proven/calculated locally on your local copy of the blockchain.


Thank you for sharing this information here! The concept if quantum computing is absolutely fascinating and terrifying at the same time… it’s really hard to imagine a world in which quantum computing is available to private and public organizations… I have faith that if there is a cryptocurrency with protocols designed well enough to adapt to quantum capabilities, it is Cardano!

Hello, newbie here. Really excited about the community and vision of this ecosystem. One main concern is the threat of quantum computing. I’ve been searching for an update to this chain (or any info anywhere) with the current status of Cardano’s efforts in this area. Any info in the last couple of months would be greatly appreciated.