Lessons Cardano can learn from big brother

Wow. My mind is blown. :exploding_head:

Just got my hands on the Coldcard and was messing with Partially Signed Bitcoin Transactions (PSBT) then broadcasted it through my Gotenna Device using txtenna and Samourai Wallet. Talk about censorship resistant.

Lot to unpack there. Like I said mind blown :exploding_head:

All I can say is WE (the Cardano Community) need a hardware device equivalent to ColdCard that allows us to sign transactions offline.

Does anyone know if the amazing team at IOHK is working on a Cardano equivalent to BIP 174 PSBT?

That would be a gamechanger!!

I am looking into repurposing my ColdCard to act as a hardware device for Cardano. If I figure it out, this Community would be the first to know. Fingers crossed :crossed_fingers:.

I get soo geeked out when introduced to new protocols and features. Bitcoin and Cardano are the two loves of my life. I was hoping they could learn from each other. The possibilities are endless.

P.S. next topic should be how to get Yori on Samourai’s level. No offense Yori, we have some work to do.

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What do you think some improvements can be made?
Any ideas?
Any thoughts about what Cardano can learn from Bitcoin?