Questions about NFTs and smart contracts


I’m creating a collection of digital resources that work in conjunction with each other (the main artwork, supporting illustrations, a couple of PDF e-books, and other related files) and I want to bundle them together to sell as an NFT.

I have questions, questions, questions, so if this is the wrong forum to post in, please let me know where I should move this to.

  1. Is it possible to bundle files together to sell as one NFT?
  2. Can I make the bundle a limited edition series of 100 units?
  3. Can a smart contract increment the price of all 100 NFT bundles each time an NFT is sold?
  4. Can it keep track of the price?
  5. Can this updated price be displayed on a website in real time?
  6. If the owner of one of the NFTs resells it, can the smart contract handle a royalty payment to me?
  7. How do I get in touch with a developer who could put this together for me?

Hope you brilliant people can help!