Questions regarding pool saturation on Incentivized Testnet

Couple of questions regarding pool saturation:

  1. When is a pool saturated on Incentivized Testnet?
  2. How can I tell pool is saturated?
  3. Can I delegate to a pool, which reached saturation point?
  4. If I delegate to saturated pool, does it decrease everyone’s rewards or just mine?


1 & 2: not sure, sorry, but I don’t believe any pool is near saturation ATM
3. Yes
4. Everyone’s

Edit: one pool is saturated

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At present saturation is 1% with k 100 pools, based on staked supply (current active stake), not circulating supply. So we have at the moment circa 5 000 000 000 staked ADA/100, that gives 50 000 000 ADA saturation point.

TALOS pool


When I play with the calculator it makes no difference at all when the pool has a percentage over the saturation point. My rewards stay the same. This is not what it is supposed to be, I assume? If the pool is below the saturation point, my rewards are slightly less. It should be the case that at the saturation point my rewards are the highest and that to both sides they become smaller, right? Is the calculator out of order?

Also the stake pool operators stake makes no difference. If it makes no difference, why should it appear in the calculator?

Stake pool operators stake does not play role at the moment on testnet afaik, it’s a future factor to be introduced

TALOS pool

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