Is there official info about ITN rewards calculation/mechanics?

Is there some official document having answers to below questions regarding staking on ITN?

  • What is the saturation point (I’ve heard 1% of total staked ADA)
  • How is the reward reduction calculated after the pool is saturated (IOHK rewards calculator doesn’t decrease the reward, but on other places I can read it is being decreased)
  • What is current reward distributed per each epoch?


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Yes, that bothers me too. In my understanding a huge pool is above saturation and therefore becomes unattractive. But if you look into Dadalus, you see:

The first three are all huge IOHK-pools, MONKY still has 1.3% of the total stake and ZZZ is the largest pool of them all. These pools shouldn’t be th most attractive to new delegators.

If you look into you find that these huge pools create even more blocks than they should compared to their percentage of the stake.
So are they especially profitable? Well, it doesn’t seem so. Let’s have a look at where they show an average return on investment:

Here you see (or at least you are shown) that the large pools are not very profitable. Also it seems that the rewards are capped at 25.1 kA, which looks like there indeed is a saturation border. On the other hand, I was not able to get the same average ROI with my calculator and the given values.

I as a delegator have NO chance at all right now to take a reasonable decicion as to where to stake. Therefore right now I play around with delegating every day to another pool to find out, which tool I should believe and which I should ignore. This is a very unsatisfactory situation and I hope that IOHK does something about it. It is not understandable at all why the largest pools show up at the very top of the table in Daedalus. Please give us delegators some more information for taking a sound decision when delegating to a pool.


Thanks! I didn’t know about It’s a great resource.

Here is an explanation of how the pool performance is calculated.The size of the pool or any kind of saturation is NOT part of the variables. Therefore pool performance is a bad criterium for a decision of where to stake.


Daedalus ITN 2.0.1 is up and running. It was extremely fast to synchronise, great! At the beginning all the information about the pools was missing but after some minutes appeared. They seem to have changed something in the performance calculation. A lot of small pools show up at the top now. While this is great it seams that saturation is still not inside the equation. The huge pools also appear in the top 30. So still the Daedalus ranking is not a good source of information for how to choose a pool.


Is it possible that saturation is now already at a pool size of 0.5% of the overall stake? In there are pools with nearly 0.5% creating nearly the same rewards as the very large pools.

Is there an official place where one can check the actual staking parameters like the saturation point? This would be a nice thing to have shown directly in the wallet.

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