Rami's Story with Cardano

As Both Interviewer and Interviewee are called “Rami”, numbers will be assigned to each.
In this interview, Rami 1 and Rami 2 discuss Rami 1’s journey into the world of cryptocurrency, particularly Cardano. Rami started by building a PC and then became interested in cryptocurrency mining, initially focusing on Ethereum and later Bitcoin. Rami 2 asks about Rami 1 's transition to Cardano, to which he explains that Cardano’s values and vision aligned with their own, making it a meaningful choice.

They also discuss two projects within the Cardano ecosystem that Rami is enthusiastic about: Genius Yield and Pavia. He highlights the importance of these projects and their potential impact. Finally, they touch upon the lessons learned from their cryptocurrency journey and the importance of staying engaged, even during market downturns.

Overall, the interview provides insights into Rami’s crypto journey, their views on Cardano, and their support for specific projects within the ecosystem.