Random seed collusion?


I’m reading https://blockgeeks.com/guides/what-is-cardano/ as an intro to Cardano and I find one thing odd so far.

In the election description it states in the recovery phase:

Eventually, an elector verifies that the commitments and openings match and when that happens, the secrets from the commitments are extracted which forms a seed. The seed is a randomly generated byte string.

and a few lines later

In order to make sure that the election is as unbiased as possible we needed some sort of randomness. The “seed” provides us with this randomness.

I find this to be very odd. Doesn’t it mean that the electors can completely control the randomness of selection if they collude? How exactly is this “random” seed selected from those secrets?

I described how the consensus mechanism works in the middle part of this article, hope it helps :v:t2:: https://link.medium.com/hgUXLW5tYT