Real world assets tokenization on Cardano: Rull Estate


Rull Estate: Invest your Crypto into Real Estate

Hi community, Rull Estate is an innovative web platform that revolutionizes real estate investment by tokenizing Real World Assets (RWA) on the blockchain. The platform is designed to democratize property investment, making it accessible to investors of all scales through the power of tokenization.Within the Rull Estate, we offer a combination of blockchain technologies, including minting capabilities on both ETH and CARDANO blockchains, showcasing our commitment to leveraging the strengths of these platforms. This approach allows for detailed applications, such as using Cardano specifically for real estate transactions within the Rull Estate ecosystem.

Key Entities and Relationships

Rull Estate is supported by a network of entities working together to provide a seamless investment experience. Rull provides the technical infrastructure and platform for users to conduct transactions, while Rull Estate focuses on offering real estate properties and managing the issuance of NFTs. Rull Investment communicates directly with property owners (Partners) to receive dividends and distribute them to NFT holders via Rull Estate. Partners, such as Pamunda Tulia Zanzibar, specify the portion of their property to be tokenized and offered for sale or lease through the platform.

Platform Features

Rull Estate enables users to buy NFTs representing a stake in actual real estate, offering them guaranteed returns. These NFTs are specifically minted on the Cardano blockchain, which we use across our entire ecosystem for real estate transactions. To receive dividends, users must hold their NFTs within the Rull platform, which operates as a centralized solution. The platform offers a diverse range of investment options, catering to various preferences regarding dividend payout intervals, maturity periods, market appreciation considerations, and property types. Users can buy NFTs with any cryptocurrency and the platform smoothly facilitates the exchange. The real estate partner receives the predefined cryptocurrency they wish to hold in their wallet, converting it accordingly based on the currency used by the user/investor for payment. Additionally, Rull Estate features a secondary market where users can sell their NFTs, subject to certain restrictions and fees.

How it works

Registering on automatically creates a Rull Wallet for a seamless entry into the Rull ecosystem. The web platform enables quick wallet top-ups or direct cryptocurrency purchases with a card, streamlining token acquisitions without extra installations. Subsequent transactions require the app for enhanced security and efficiency. Once your Rull Wallet is ready, exploring Rull Estate’s offerings becomes effortless. The platform’s innovation shines as it promptly converts your cryptocurrency into the desired currency for real estate investments. Dividends are consistently paid in USDT, ensuring a stable return irrespective of the cryptocurrency used for purchases.

Every token purchased represents a share of a tokenized real estate asset, providing real dividends. Rull Estate guarantees transparent and secure transactions, utilizing blockchain technology for peace of mind. Investing through Rull Estate embodies a modern real estate investment approach, blending simplicity, efficiency, and blockchain security. This innovative method grants you the perks of real estate investment with the added advantages of digital assets.

Real Yield Dividends

Rull Estate stands out by offering dividends that can reach an impressive 7% annual yield, providing investors with a tangible return on their investment in the realm of tokenized real estate. This significant opportunity allows investors to tap into the profitability of real estate without facing traditional barriers to entry. Unlike traditional staking, Rull Estate’s real yield dividends are backed by tangible assets—real estate—that possess intrinsic value and potential for appreciation. This approach ensures a more stable and reliable return compared to the often volatile returns from solely staking cryptocurrencies. Real estate’s historical resilience makes it a safer investment option, presenting a secure haven for investors amid the rapid fluctuations common in the crypto market.

Our 7% annual yield is tied to the real estate market’s performance rather than the trading dynamics of cryptocurrencies, which can be influenced by various uncontrollable factors. By linking investment returns to the real economy, including factors like property location, utility, and demand, investors gain a clearer understanding of how their returns are generated. This direct connection to real economic factors enhances transparency and provides investors with a more informed perspective on their investment performance.

Why Invest

Investing through Rull Estate is a smart move for several reasons. Firstly, it democratizes real estate investment, breaking down the traditional barriers of entry. You get to earn dividends from real estate, with the platform offering up to a 7% annual yield in USDT. It’s a solid way to grow your savings, combining the stability of real estate with the flexibility of digital assets.

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