Philadelphian Looking to Learn More

Cardano seems like an excellent tech. Let’s have a conversation.

I’m the Technology Committee Chairperson for Keller Williams Philadelphia and would love to learn more about blockchain tech applications for real estate.



I advise you to start with the work of @arielfavio; you can find articles regarding blockchain, and Cardano itself in his blog,

I do suggest his work for any neophyte in the crypto world due to be simple in terms of understanding what’s what, concise, and well written.

Hope you enjoy the reading! From there on, you will be able to know by yourself how you can implement it in the real estate business!



Thank you for your thoughtful reply. This is really good.

I think this technology is truly fascinating - and definitely want to understand it well enough to help my team learn about it.


Welcome to the forum!
Glad to see people looking to understand how real property can be tokenized and operated using blockchain tech, as i understand it it is possible to write on a title pretty much anything you would like, so in theory you could create tokens on the Cardano platform to represent a percentage of the interest you hold in the property and then use them on top of the decentralized infrastructure of the blockchain with a clear description of what tokens are being minted on the blockchain recorded on the title, DeFi is soon coming to Cardano and I have high hopes that Real property could be used as collateral to enter the space through smart contracts, I do not think it is very far away.
You have joined our community at the breaking ground level for your industry, I hope you are able to find what you need here! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thank you so much! I couldn’t agree more. I think you nailed it with DeFi coming to Cardano. I’m new to learning about Cardano but I think it’s an amazing tech.

Tokenizing on the Cardano blockchain would be interesting.


The NYC Cardano Meetup group has a monthly virtual meet up and we are trying to build up a mid Atlantic presence from DC to Boston.

Here is the link if you want to investigate it:

I haven’t posted the link to the next meeting but we are trying to have them on the last Thursday of every month from 8 to 9 PM.

Regardless I’ll try to pull together some information for you.

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Amazing, I’ll check it out. Happy to help build a Philadelphia contingent.

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Hello – I grew up in Upper Darby just outside of West Philly :wink:
Happy to connect in a real time conversation on this if helpful.
I did work w/ PGIM team two years ago which included a deep dive into real estate sector implications-- from asset tokenization, decentralized data marketplaces to property mgmt solutions, et al. I can easily share sections of PDFs and some links
There was a lot of activity in 2019 – some pilot projects since then but it’s in a quiet phase right now. Beyond Covid I sense there needs to be regulatory changes made.
But - there are a few rabbit holes I can show you if interested.
Also I keep tags (social bookmarks) on news stories here:
Blockchain + RE
RE specific“real+estate”
Happy to jump on quick call if helpful. This isn’t my work life focus but I’m familiar with RE Crypto conversations. - Garry (


One of our meetup contributors also has a YouTube podcast. In one of the episodes he interviewed a person who has a blockchain real estate start up. You may find it interesting.

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Great video, I’ll check out more of his stuff. I recently made a friend at Cornell’s IC3 Initiative for Cryptocurrency and Contracts. She might be interested in speaking with you about outreach. Best way to get in touch?

I sent you a DM with the info. Thanks.

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