Tokenized Real Estate Cardano Project

Hi Community,

I am working with a Real Estate Entrepreneur to create a tokenized real estate investment platform that is aimed at allowing those with small investment budgets to invest a grow a real estate portfolio. Our real estate platform offers even those on relatively low incomes a way to grow wealth and support themselves and their families regardless of prior formal education and background.

Barbara has an extensive background in real estate, tax law and entrepreneurship and is looking to bring these skills to bear in the Cardano Community she is particularly interested in any women from the community who have projects or skills they would like to collaborate on.

We are in the early stages of road mapping this current project and if anyone wants to know more please reach out!

We have a MIRO Board and weekly zoom calls

and if you would like a bit of background on us here are our LinkedIn profiles

Barbara Lamar -
Daniel Millbank -


This is a great idea! I’m a 22 year IT veteran - System Engineer by trade - if there is any way I can assist either by helping with IT issues or by raising awareness or community outreach please let me know. (Unfortunately I’m not a dev) I’m already teaching local Blockchain Classes to get locals interested in use cases and start developing.

I really think Cardano can go far and I want to be involved in some of the early projects. If your interested to work together message me!


Thanks for the offer! if there is something we think you can help with we will definitely reach out at the moment we are in the design phase but as we move to implementation and deploying i will let you know

@DaymanFighterAH are you still working on this?