Combine real estate and Cardano?

I just talked to a person who is into real estate, he is a pretty big player (200 mil. are waiting to be invested in my country, and that is only one client)…He is interested in crypto, and he asked me how we could implement real estates into crypto/Cardano? I am aware that Atala Prism is currently rolling out in Africa, it is about schools, DIDs and real estate, but it is in its infacy phase…I mentioned NFTs, DIDs and DAOs. He only knows about NFTs, that is it. I am trying to brianstorm here, so if anyone wanna talk about it or point me to someone, that would be awesome. I have time until Thursday to present him some raw ideas…He knows how to build, rent and sell. He also understands the laws and paperwork, but when it comes to crypto, he doesn’t know much…Do you think that there could be some win-win situation, for him and for the real estate buyer? Of course he wants something that makes things cheaper so he could profit. Things that are safer and faster are nice things to have. The only concern he has is the volatility of crypto

I know that you won’t offer me the perfect solution but I would like to know what you think. Thank you

there was a rough survey here of real estate applications & the state of the art existing about a year & a half ago (my feeling is that it hasn’t changed much since) :face_with_monocle:

The obvious things to me are (1) access to capital and a (2) access to a secondary market and (3) a shared ledger.

As a business, it could support many property developers and many people looking to invest, have a mechanism for repaying those loans, those repayments could be linked to an NFT which could be sold to someone else and the public nature of the blockchain might add some transparency that would otherwise be lacking.

For fees - I can’t imagine either party wanting to support a long term debt denominated in crypto, so the fee structure might need to be along the lines of “1500 GHS worth of Ada, paid monthly”