Decentralized Real Estate-Reversing the mechanics of the Real Estate- Mass adoption of Cardano- Giving to millions of Households

My name is Michael Kafaei and I have been in the Real Estate industry for many years. I’m not a developer and I have been an ADA holder since early 2018. I fell in love with Cardano from the beginning and I love this incredible community (phenomenal maybe a better word)

There is an incredible opportunity to UNBANK real Estate and bring down the Iron Wall that is holding millions of people back. Real Estate or better put housing is something that we are all closely in touch with on a daily basis. It’s more than 50% expense for more than 50% of households (in US). It is what directly plugs or vacuums us into the legacy system more than anything else (vacuum from the top.) The old banks have put up this thick iron wall. CARDANO has the power to reverse engineer this with Real Estate mechanics.

Join the journey with me to disrupt a $26 Trillion industry and asset class (not just for profit) but to help and give to millions of households. IMAGINE giving to tenants as opposed to taking from tenants- what a lofty idea! that we can achieve on Cardano.

I’m looking for collaborators, developers, co-founders, team members, and entrepreneurs.

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Hello Michael,

Happy to have a discussion with you on this.

Drop me an email on

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Hi there, I’ve seen empowa ( is doing something similar for african housing situation.
They run a ISPO Model on cardano to realize their goals. Maybe they can help you better :handshake:

I “just” run a pool, but it is crazy to see how much utility we can get with cardano.
This is the way :pray: