Refund Etiquette If Policy Locks

I am trying to get a bit of clarification as to how I handle a particular situation. Let’s say for example I have an NFT collection and I members of the public are minting from my collection and let’s say that I have the policy set to lock in 2 days. Then when that 2 days comes and my policy has locked, if people are still trying to mint b sending funds to the mint address, should I refund those users or should I just put a disclaimer warning beforehand that states, if you send any funds after a certain date (after the policy has locked) you will not get a refund. What is the norm or the most logical method to do. I already have a function in place that if I mint out my collection and someone tries to mint after I have minted out, they will receive a refund in that instance, I am just wondering if I should do the same thing when the policy has locked and minting can no longer occur.

Thank you in advance for your advice, I appreciate it.

You could just let the policy lock be longer or open.

Code your mint link to time out. Or, as others do, your mint script does the refund when it locks. You just notify the time period for minting. Not that difficult.