Replace/ repair IPFs

Hello, i need Help please

Someone can Tell me if i can repair/replace a broken IPFS in 1 NFT with policie locked??


You cannot change the on-chain metadata for a NFT that was already minted, and you cannot burn and then re-mint an NFT whose policy is locked. You can revise metadata in the Cardano Token Registry.

(If the file is simply missing from IPFS, then you can re-upload an exactly identical copy of the same image, which must have the same IPFS content identifier (CID) hash.)

P.S. It’s sometimes useful to leave the policy unlocked for several hours, so you can burn the token if there were any problems with the minting or metadata.

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this means that I can replace the image if there is any error such as a filter being in front of the image when it should have been behind, as long as it has the same IPFS content identifier (CID) hash.


Even changing a single pixel of the image will cause it to hash to a different CID.

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does that mean there is nothing to be done to resolve the situation?
Thanks and sorry

Correct, nothing can be changed.