Report a YouTube fraud/ give away scam video

Surely the devs or someone can trace those scam Cardano addresses and get ADA sent back to those who show proof

Yes they can trace it. But they won’t for some strange reason. No1 is willing to put pressure on these staking/exchange companies where the scammed Ada is being sent back to.

They can trace the cardano through cardano scan and other ways to. Address addr1qx6zh0xjd5plpv0eyhyxuqlrxu2kdtfhcu5kf00fhtmdnxa59w7dymgr7zcljfwgdcp7xdc4v6kn03efvj77nwhkmxds9m94ld - Cardanoscan

The ADA that is scammed through the YouTube live videos seem to go back to everstake and I’m sure Charles and the team would know this. Probably even know the developers and CEO at everstake .

Damn, my hearts been breaking, barely managing to work. If a support foundation for those who got scammed gets formed, can you let me know. I have all the proof needed. Thanks for the fast response, even if it’s not good news for me

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I made a template for getting the domains for the websites banned. I found one website named ada2021 . net and the domain abuse email is: if you want to help fight these websites please copy and paste this template below to that email and we can hopefully get the scam website taken down.

Dear namecheap,

I would like to report a malicious website with this URL: [Link removed by @napoles]
. The website is being used for harmful activities.

This website is being advertised on a youtube livestream as a “giveaway”.
The “giveaway” wants you to deposit cryptocurrency into someone’s wallet
and promises to give you a percentage extra of what you put in. This is a
scam and putting funds into this wallet will not give you anything back.

We are asking for your assistance in taking down this malicious
infrastructure, as it might harm more people as long as it is active.

In advance we appreciate your responsiveness, and gently request your
immediate action to solve the above-mentioned situation.

Kind regards,

An internet user

New scam is live now [Link removed by @Zyroxa]

[Link removed by @Zyroxa] another youtube scam went live 2 hours ago

I almost fell for it, another scam
[Link removed by @napoles]

Found this scam video today
[Link removed by @Zyroxa]
YouTube channel is named Cardano ADA, only has 1 video uploaded at the time of writing this. Be safe everyone!

I lost 80,545 ADA. 150000 USD to this yesterday and am devastated. Please if anyone knows how to help let me know

Their domain is still up: [Link removed by @Zyroxa]
The wallet address of this criminal was: addr1q8fgkdgnpzktegh8mhekg5en2kxg9d4m9y6xjhsz4dahzyjh5t3rvsk6xmg9xyrr335lmr42af6wxl2e8kcfnxc5llmqevgfn2

If you fall victim to this please report to your countries authorities: Cybercrime Reporting | CipherBlade
For the US: IC3 Complaint Referral Form

New You tube ADA Giveaway scam.
[Link removed by @Zyroxa]

Here is the link:
[Link removed by @Zyroxa]

Here is the wallet address of this scammer: addr1q96rmku9jyalm23t0n7wcun7k4rwnpq50nszwn3plz8l5xycewkvvyawaa6ylgep00xhw39fp8k9svytvnvqpklj6w0qtqshf6

Several Videos have been released on Youtube with Charles H. Live this is one of the Link showings [Link removed by @napoles]
I did report to youtube the Scam but is still running.

I reported to You Tube the one that I cited above, and it was taken down within about two hours. While I am thankful, it would be nice if they could respond to these reports more quickly, to help reduce the number of potential victims.

Here is a current Youtube live stream scam:

[Link removed by @napoles]

Please have the video taken down

Another Scam running at the same time!!!

[Link removed by @napoles]


Thank you @adatainment . Here is another channel with some videos of scam.

Can I create a new topic by Vietnamese to alert for Vietnamese community?

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[Link removed by @Zyroxa] just now you tube fraude . [Link removed by @Zyroxa] BEWARE

They have been purchasing channels (maybe on fameswap or another marketplace for Youtube channels) or hacking into the channels to appear to have credibility with subscriber counts. If you look at the URL and Google the text string after channel/ you will see what channel was purchased. The payment information on the channel marketplace or the original owner of the channel should provide some clues about the scammers.