🇪🇸 Reporte semanal del Desarrollo de Cardano - marzo 15 de 2024


This week, the core technology teams released node v.8.9.0, introducing Genesis Lite bootstrap peers. This version fixes a small bug in the dynamic block forging logic and also includes some overall improvements. Learn more about preparations for full P2P networking, an interim bootstrap network, and plans ahead in this blog post.


The Lace team initiated the closed beta phase of DApp discovery, a provisional name for the DApp Store, with DApp developers. The team is currently in the second week of testing.


This week, the Plutus team added the ability to create Plutus contract blueprints for Plutus Tx in the latest release. The feature is in the early alpha stage and may change.


This week, the Hydra team worked on a new library cardano-api-classy, which contains type class instances for era witnesses. Additionally, they switched the Nix code to use flake-parts. The team also made further improvements to the Hydra Head explorer UI, improved the error reporting on integration tests, and refactored the outcome algebra in the hydra-node protocol logic. Finally, they collaborated with researchers to review the incremental decommit specification.

This week, the Mithril team worked on implementing a data type to certify Cardano transactions within Mithril networks. They finished adapting the Mithril explorer to support Cardano transaction verification, improved its user interface, fixed a bug that prevented the signature of some Conway-era transactions, implemented a more robust transaction parser, and began providing metadata about the point of the chain used during the verification process. They also optimized communications between Mithril and Cardano nodes and finalized the Pallas chain observer. Finally, the team improved the handling of logs in the CLI of the Mithril nodes and investigated some remaining issues with the end-to-end test in the CI.


The ledger team has been concentrating on Conway functionality, testing the various features, and improving the testing framework. They have also done some code cleanup and reorganization to make it more manageable and easier to release. Additionally, they have started working on hard fork initiation, which involves support for intra-era hard fork initiation and necessary updates to the SPO stake distribution calculation.


This week, the Cardano community is in the process of casting their votes for the launch location of Fund12, which is a special event as it represents the first ever non-funding vote. What’s exciting is that every wallet has a voting power of one, which means that all members have an equal say in the decision-making process. So, if you haven’t voted yet, log into your Catalyst voting app and help choose from the six available options. The choice is entirely up to you, and the voting deadline is March 18 at 8 AM UTC. If you want to learn more, make sure to check out this Cardano Forum post with all the additional details. The results will follow soon after. The team is looking forward to sharing their thoughts with the rest of the community during a special Monday - March 18 - X space with Cardano Over Coffee. Keep an eye on updates about it here.

In other news, Catalyst has recently held its second retrospective, which focused on the macro perspective of how Fund11 has transpired. During the retrospective, the group worked through the elements that helped propel the program further. They also analyzed the anchors and potential future risks on the horizon to be mindful of. Catch the full recording of the session here to dive in deeper. If you enjoy retrospectives, you’re invited to the next one that will take place during the usual Catalyst town hall, next Wednesday at 5 PM UTC.

Lastly, the onboarding of funded projects is nearing completion, and we would like to give a big shoutout to everyone who has lent their hand and support during this time. You can track the progress visually via this link.


This week, the Education team focused on writing content for Mastering Cardano and made updates to the Cardano Developer Course with ABC.

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