🇪🇸 Reporte semanal del Desarrollo de Cardano - mar 1 de 2024


This week, the ledger team added reference script support for Plutus V1 in Conway. The team is now writing tests, improving tooling, and fixing Conway-related bugs. This development comes with significant bug fixes, particularly addressing inaccuracies in stake distribution for DReps and stake pools.


The Plutus team began implementing the Plutus contract blueprint for Plutus Tx. In addition, the team updated the Plutus quick start guide, recommending that developers use the IOGX Nix flake template to set up their environment.


This week, the Hydra team resolved the fanout bug with an improved model-based test suite, transitioned to cardano-api v8.38, and initiated testing for cardano-node v8.8. The team also optimized fee estimation within the hydra-node internal wallet, resulting in a more cost-effective transaction mechanism, and implemented transaction metadata for clearer Hydra transaction identification.

The Mithril team announced the release of a new Mithril distribution 2408.0 incorporating several critical updates and enhancements, including:

  • improved support for stake distribution
  • Mithril era markers retrieval in the Pallas chain observer
  • enhanced support for the Conway era and SanchoNet network
  • other critical bug fixes and performance improvements

The team also introduced breaking changes to the Mithril client CLI, changing the log output from stdout to stderr in [v0.7.0](https://mithril.network/doc/dev-blog/2024/02/26/mithril-client-cli-output-breaking-change/). The team continued working on data types to certify Cardano transactions, including completing browser verification support with the WASM client, enhancing the client CLI API, and introducing smoke tests.


This week the SanchoNet team launched a patch release v8.8.1-pre for the Cardano node and fixed issues that prevented the BLS12-381 primitives in Plutus from working properly on some older x86 architectures.

The GovTool is now online with limited wallet support as wallets start to upgrade to the new node version. You can find detailed documentation on the SanchoNet website.


This week, Project Catalyst is moving forward with onboarding 300 approved projects. Each Grantee is required to complete a series of steps within 60 days of the results announcement to begin their project journey. It is important to note that funding is not automatic and Grantees will also need to obtain an approved Statement of Milestones (SoM) from community Milestone Reviewers. The SoM serves as a public roadmap for Proof of Achievement (PoA).

This is an important community-led accountability program that is constantly improving. A big shout out to the proposers who are working hard on their SoMs, as well as the dedicated community members serving as Milestone Reviewers who facilitate the approval of these proposals. Let’s not forget the Proof of Life verifiers who help monitor all grantees. If you’re interested in checking out the overall progress statistics, take a look at this tweet.

In other news, the Catalyst team, together with Rare Evo and Sustainable Ada are gearing up for a special voting event to determine where Fund12 is going to launch as a live event. One question, six choices. You’ll be choosing your picks soon. If you’d like to learn more about this, check out this Cardano Forum post here.

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