Fund12 Launch Event - Choose Your City

#Fund12 Launch Event - Choose Your City

Last week the Project Catalyst team, along with Rare Evo and Sustainable Ada, announced during the 157th town hall (recording here) that a special voting event is taking place over the course of next two weeks to determine where Fund12 is going to be launched. This marks an unique occasion when Catalyst will run a voting event that doesn’t decide on where funding should be allocated. We’re all excited and we hope you are as well. We also discussed some more during this week’s town hall #158 and you can catch it all here. Let’s learn more about all of it below.

Catalyst Working Groups

Catalyst Working Groups is the delivery of the approved Fund11 proposal that outlines the concept where the goal is to create the first iteration of community-led, data-driven analysis that informs of potentially important changes to the scope of future Catalyst funding rounds. To bring this together, it’s equally important that the Catalyst Team collaborates with the worldwide community, which should host their discussions and events. Have you read the blog post about this from a few weeks back? If not, here it is.

“We believe that to ensure that Catalyst governance models and decision-making processes are effective and representative of the diverse needs and perspectives of the community, it is crucial to facilitate collaboration and input from a broad spectrum. Creating, developing and nurturing a strong community is all about achieving trust and fostering open collaboration among its members. For a community that is focused on a distributed network, to thrive in a decentralised way, solid and effective decision-making processes based on legitimacy and voluntary consent are required as key pillars.” Cole Bartlett. Co-Founder, SustainableADA

“The vision is to enable the community to take part in the ideation, generation and implementation of Catalyst parameters and future changes. By hosting these workshops we are creating a framework and spaces for this Catalyst journey to evolve and thrive in a structured, iterative, and impactful way. Starting locally, with local Cardano communities we ensure that outcomes reflect and address perspectives, ideas, visions and needs across cultures and languages across the global Cardano communities.” Rand McHenry, Co-founder, Rare Evo

The deadline to apply to host a Catalyst Working Group was February 4th and about 70 unique applications from all over the world stepped up to take this opportunity forward. The shortlisted 6 locations are now in the running to have a live kick-off event to help jump-start the months of working groups. While only one location will be chosen for this particular occasion - F12 Launch - working groups are still going to take place throughout the rest of them and other applications in various parts of the world. If you will have one organized in your area, we invite you to come and participate in them actively. The complete list with calendar and dates/times is going to be published once applications are fully processed and ready to execute. Stay tuned via announcement channels for more information.

“There is no Cardano without its people, its community. You make up the lifeblood of this global network of innovators, dreamers and builders, stakepool operators, technicians, entrepreneurs, creatives, educators, and young and old alike. This should be celebrated, highlighted and be placed front and center with the attention, resources and support it deserves. This is our humble effort to push the concept of distributed decision making forward with action. In an equitable direction with the support of the collective efforts of the diverse, decentralized Cardano community.” Kriss Baird, Head of Product at Project Catalyst.

Time to cast a vote

The in-person Fund12 event will kick start this several months-long community-sensing journey that seeks to better understand and evolve Project Catalyst as a whole. How does it begin? Within the next two days, the Catalyst team plans to launch a new voting round via the Catalyst Voting app that will list six cities around the world: Barcelona, Buenos Aires, Nairobi, Sydney, Tokyo, and Toronto.

And YOU - the Cardano community - will be deciding which will be the official launch location for Fund12. This decision will be based on a 1-wallet-1 vote per each choice and set the minimum participation threshold at 50 ada. The snapshot already took place and will be the same as the one for the Fund11 vote. Catch the Catalyst Team’s presentation in this timestamped segment from the latest town hall.

Key Parameters

  • Vote Start: starting Mar 8 (notifications via Voting App will alert you)

  • Vote End: Mar 18, 8AM UTC

  • Threshold: ₳50; vote itself is weighted by 1 wallet - 1 vote per choice

  • Snapshot date: Jan 15, 21:45 UTC (same as for Fund11 regular vote); If you participated in Fund11, you can use the same QR/PIN code to participate in this special voting event. If you did not participate in Fund11 and don’t have a valid QR/PIN code associated with that snapshot - you won’t be able to participate in this special voting event. If you do - you can still cast a vote now, even if you didn’t cast a vote in Fund11. Two actions are not directly linked. Only snapshot data is.

  • Results: at the latest by Mar 19 via announcement channels, the highest ‘YES’ votes wins which will kick off preparations for the formal launch date.

  • How to vote: Use your existing valid QR/PIN code and navigate to the Voting App - just like you would with the regular funding round. If you are already logged in and ready to vote - not added steps are required. For general voting flow, find F11 documentation here. Voting App will present you with just one category (Launch City) and six choices within. You can choose to vote for just one or any combination of the votes. We recommend casting ‘YES’ or ‘ABSTAIN’ on every choice to complete your ballot fully.

  • Privacy mode: Vote is carried out in the same logic as a regular funding round confirming outcome of the vote when formal tally is completed after voting ends. We recommend casting ‘YES’ or ‘ABSTAIN’ on every choice to complete your ballot fully.

  • How to audit the vote? You can access archives of the live vote here: and you can follow general guidance on auditability as outlined here similarly to F11 round.

Get in touch

And that’s a wrap. Let’s talk Catalyst & governance via X(Twitter), Telegram, Reddit , or wherever your home is online and keep conversations engaging on these very important topics.

Enjoy your day ahead!

Danny & the Project Catalyst team

Daniel Ribar
Community at Project Catalyst

Note: References in this newsletter to the 3rd party projects, products, and services are provided for information purposes only and are not endorsements. Everyone should carry out their own investigations before relying on the information provided in this newsletter.


Done. Voted via Catalyst Voting App in Google Play :white_check_mark:

All the best for Project Catalyst Fund12 :rocket: :metal:


Let’s go! Thank you for participating.

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Voted :saluting_face: :saluting_face: :saluting_face: :saluting_face: :saluting_face: :saluting_face:

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Awesome! And thank you.

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Today I just created a QR code to connect to the voting application, but after entering the PIN, the application said “No connection! Cannot submit as you are offline”. Please help me.

Heya. This vote will work only if you had QR code from Fund11 voting. But save yours that you have now - both QR and PIN code - and you will be able to use it in Fund12 voting regular one. Just don’t lose your QR/PIN and wait for next snapshot (yet to be announced).

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Nairobi Kenya :kenya:

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