Digest March 4, 2024: Cardano Celebrating Its 10 Millionth Block, Edinburgh Decentralization Index Blockchain Comparison Dashboards, Japanese Cardano Community At Web 3 Week Tokyo

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Cardano Blockchain Welcomes Its 10 Millionth Block

On the historic Friday of March 1st, 2024, at the precise moment of 15:13:47 CET, the Cardano Blockchain celebrated the minting of its 10 Millionth Block. Thanks to JAPAN4 pool for their role in minting this momentous block.

Heartfelt thanks are equally extended to every individual whose unwavering dedication has fueled uninterrupted uptime and continuous decentralized block production since the inception of Shelley in 2020. Your collective efforts have woven an essential thread in the fabric of Cardano’s success.

New Blockchain Comparison Dashboards From the Edinburgh Decentralization Index

The Edinburgh Decentralization Index (EDI) Team has released its latest findings through a research dashboard, underscoring Cardano’s position as the most decentralized blockchain in comparison to other blockchains that have been studied.

The dashboard uses different metrics to compare the level of decentralization between protocols such as Cardano, Ethereum, Bitcoin, and others. This is the first academic approach towards measuring decentralization across different blockchain ecosystems.

According to the EDI research, Cardano’s Nakamoto coefficient is reported to be 58, sharply contrasting with Bitcoin and Ethereum, each having coefficients of 2. The Nakamoto coefficient is a metric that represents the minimum number of entities that collectively control more than 50% of the resources. The higher the coefficient the more decentralized the network. For more information about EDI and their vision, read here.

Japanese Cardano Community hosts successful booth at Japan Web 3 Week Tokyo

From the 20th to the 22nd of February, the Japanese Cardano community, led by Cardano Ambassadors Yuta-san and Wakuda-san, once again hosted an exceptional Cardano booth, this time taking place at Web 3 week at Tokyo’s Big Sight venue.

The event saw upwards of 25,648 attendees, of which 300 people stopped by the Cardano booth to further their awareness of the Cardano ecosystem and its projects, such as Socious and Paima.

Cardano Ambassador Yoram was also in attendance, allowing him to further his knowledge of the Japanese Cardano community and its great efforts and contributions to bolster the ecosystem, in addition to engaging in important discussions.

Every year, the Japanese Cardano community hosts roughly three events within Japan utilizing funding from Catalyst, and we’d like to sincerely thank them for their continued stellar support and efforts in furthering education and awareness of Cardano within Japan.

If you happen to be in town from May 22nd to the 24th, the Japanese Cardano community will also be hosting a booth at this year’s Tokyo Blockchain Expo.

Other Cardano Related News

  • Explore Rejuve’s mission in the latest Developer Blog. CEO Jasmine delves into combating aging challenges with a decentralized research network on Cardano, utilizing AI and blockchain. Discover the Longevity App’s unique features and future roadmap, emphasizing a commitment to decentralization.
  • A recent article on cexplorer.io delves into the complex concept of decentralization within blockchains. Despite being a cornerstone of blockchain, decentralization is often misunderstood.
  • Input Output Global (IOG) has announced its new Stablecoin Venture, XSY. XSY aims to reduce transaction costs, enhance liquidity within growing blockchain ecosystems, and facilitate a smooth flow of commerce through stable assets. This will help to mitigate uncertainties and foster trust throughout the global blockchain landscape.
  • Testing the governance features introduced in CIP-1694 continues on SanchoNet. Over the past weekend, community members came together to collectively stress-test the system. Within minutes, thousands of governance actions were submitted, but the network kept chugging along perfectly, even during the epoch transition, when additional computation is necessary for the nodes to process the governance actions.
  • Cryptoheadz, known for their lively crypto-centric events in Imperial Beach, California, successfully introduced the Cardano ecosystem to their primarily EVM-focused audience in collaboration with members of our community. The event, aimed at fostering interoperable community building, was a great success thanks to the support from the Cardano Foundation and other projects. Here is a recap of the event written by Cardano Ambassador Rodrigo Gomez.

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