Request for comment: Your Concerns About Community

This is just an early draft & indicative of my understanding …

IMO we have a mission, but we are not mission critical. Take it easy.


Nice clear graphic. To the point.

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I’d like to make an observation. Most everyone here has good intentions. That’s my opinion.

Groups have existed throughout time successfully when bound by some sort of code of conduct. How they treated each other. What actions were destructive and which ones were constructive. This is an objectively provable method (not subjective or opinion based, feelings and the like), like “don’t murder” clearly bad. This becomes a rule not to do this, which protects the group.

You get what you put your attention on. Fighting results/produces more fighting. That’s a destructive result and wasted afford, unless that’s what you want.

Let’s get interested in what we DO AGREE ON, and go from there.

This is how a group becomes stronger, more organized and advances.

I would ask you to look at your reaction to this statement, and if combative, then look at what result you are trying to achieve.


I was thinking about some technical help that could help to avoid these fire-and-forget hate ping-pong conversations although it can not suppress hate speech in any way. And I have no idea if it is possible to implement in the forum software.

If we could create a limit of a maximum of e.g. five posts per day per user that would force us to think more about each post we send. I don’t think that important information will be lost this way, even a genious could pack his daily great new ideas into five posts. But it would help us to concentrate on the content of the post and maybe think twice before firing a fast answer.

I know, many of us are way over this limit right now, myself included sometimes. But would it be a problem? I don’t think so. And probably the overall quality of the contents would increase a lot.

Please tell me what you think about this idea.

  1. Even twitter would not limit on post.
  2. We would just get some massive posts commenting many aspects.
  3. In one day in legal dsl discussion I summarized over 5 articles. Silly to have to had that in a single post.
  4. In my opinion one side is making attacks or hate as you call it. Other side is just responding.
  5. Why are we having more and more discussions on limitations trying to limit speech instead of getting to the root of all of this.

Consider the following:

  1. Reddit has you’re doing that too much.
  2. We have massive amounts of posts on few aspects.
  3. Concise thoughtful posts would be necessary, this is always good thing.
  4. Perhaps, but the proposition may produce intended results, lower post pollution and focus on original subject matter.
  5. Traffic laws are all about restrictions considering the capabilities of vehicles, however they produce the best results for everybody when followed.

I don’t find the concept of communication guidelines a hindrance to the function of a community forum, but actually empowering.

Right now we are all trying to drive around in a field.


So are they teenagers or “elites” ? Perhaps they are elite teenagers ? I think they could be adolescent, semi-deep state, Illuminati ?