Why threads are showing “Closing in 5 hours”?

Why threads are showing “Closing in 5 hours”?

So people cannot express their opinions/perspectives? Or PR is more important than the issue itself? Where is the freedom of speech? Is this forum server built in China or what?



this :point_up: this :point_up: this :point_up:


Because all the bitching is ruining the forum for a lot of people. It’s all bad publicity, especially for those involved. Furthermore, a lot of those topics / posts don’t fit the forum guidelines.
If this was my forum I would have deleted a lot of those topics instantly (including this one) and banned a lot of people for a day or 2.


I guess you are expressing lots moderators’ voice :slight_smile:

and so lucky that we can still express some opinions here without getting banned.

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so you @Josseh80 advocate for cowardly authoritarian - i punish you without any transparency, accountability, recourse or cost, because you don’t agree with me - community conduct?


Ya, I guess a transparent admin log will help on justify these things, who flags what, who deletes what, who bans whom.

I don’t blame the people, I blame the system.

If every moderating activities is open to public, I believe they will have to take extra caution on doing the censorship.

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processes over people.

Closing threads don’t make the issues go away.

Banning peope also don’t solve the problem.

SOLUTION Proposal:

Community Conflict Resolution Policy:

I would add a prefix to all the threads, which end up in mud fight (MUD_) and maybe have a policy that they are closed 5 days a week and open on weekends. This also makes sure people only engage if it’s really worth their prescious weekend time.

It would warn any member of the Community that it’s not a fun place to go, and they should do it with their own responsibility.

This would possibly bring some balance back to the Forum, but also let the issues be settled somehow.

It would also have a cool down period for emotions and promote constructive resolution instead of personal insults.

It would also encourage to settle things outside the Forum in private during the cool down period.

It would still give our free speech and opinion, which is currently under severe censorship.

It would still bring the publicity certain topics deserve no matter how painful and difficult for the stomach they are.

We are discussing really important issues here about Community Power Centralization, Ambassador fitness & title, usage or Anonymity, Ambassadors publicly lying & humiliating other members, etc.

No matter the toxicity around these threads the core problems are really important and you can’t just ignore them.

Now you would only need a reliable protocol how to declare a thread muddy :slight_smile:

Next to this I would implement the Community Anonymity Usage Policy below, which needs a bit of work, but would limit the constants misuses of the Anonymity status for political and other bullying tactics.

By the way these policies should be exactly the work by the Community Management Team of the CF. I wonder what are they getting paid for?!

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Nope, not because I don’t agree, but because there’s certain forum guidelines being broken over and over. I don’t even have an opinion on this matter, because I couldn’t care less why GoC broke up, so what’s there to disagree with?

What I do care about though is Cardano… And the current behavior of certain people is seriously damaging the Cardano brand and ruining this forum.


Switch to Chinese Yuan then. Decentralized, created for personal freedom Cardano is clearly not for you.

The Chart is definitely something can be worked on!!

Just I think #1,2 and 3 are still considered as freedom of speech, “personal criticism” should be differentiated with “personal attack”.

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no offense, but I mean, think about this.

The Cardano community is relatively small at this size now, probably only 30 people engage into any controversial discussion.

How do we scale and be inclusive to next 10,000 users or even next 100,000 users if we only rely on banning, deleting, closing, and removing?

Something is wrong here.


Closing threads indeed doesn’t, because then all the bad behavior would still be visible… That’s why I said delete :wink:
Banning people does solve the problem… The problem here being people braking forum guidelines and making personal attacks.

@Mihori There is indeed something wrong… Wrong with certain people, who can’t have a polite discussion without doing personal attacks and braking forum guidelines. Apparently there’s people who think ‘personal freedom’ means they can say everything…


But how about the solution proposal, the two policies?

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ok, fair enough. i respect your perspective.

i too (along with many others) don’t care about GoC. either way. in fact i was vocal and criticised their existence and actions. (on this very debate - lack of transparency and accountability)

that said, @Josseh80 if these conversation (potential short term brand damage and your optional participation aside) result in a community with more integrity - would it have been worthwhile?


Restraining the possibility of people expressing their opinions is the worst disaster that could happen for Cardano’s growth. It was attempted countless of times by governments and corporations. Never worked and in the end always brought the downfall.

Good recent examples are the news media backlash and the collapse of the gaming industry. They tried to ban free speech and ban people for opinions that were not in line with their point of view. They received a huge crap bomb straight to their faces.

The moment this forum goes any more authoritarian, I’m out. I’m also a very nasty person so if I get angered on the way I might just create a bot shitstorm attack and make this forum a dumpster.


easy. transparency of processes coupled with accountable merit based authority.

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I guess we can’t solve everything at once.

I wish people who got paid on their jobs can take a deep thought and find some answers and improve the governance protocol step by step.

I believe the Self-Governance is a very important perspective in the project Cardano, but right now I can’t find anyone giving any thought how to resolve on any of governance issues.

TBH, I don’t give fk on GoC either, so I never rili mention it. The transparency, free of censorship, community input, end of centralism, favoritism and nepotism are the things here I’m asking for.


Sure… I’m not against discussing certain topics. I would never close/delete a topic based on an opinion.
I just think the same can be reached without braking forum guidelines.

But apparently trying to keep it a bit civilized equals restraining people from expressing their opinions. :smirk:

Anyway: I voiced my opinion on why I think topics are being closed and why I agree with that. I’m out looking for more interesting Cardano related topics that are actually worth my time

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you mean the Patreon like ones? these ones?

don’t know if you’re aware of that bit of unaddressed community concern.

i think one is justified in feeling frustrated when they don’t feel listened to. to me such a perspective is the equivalent to someone saying i just want to hear what you have to say while they tape the persons mouth shut. i just want you to live, while they suffocate them.

majority of my day is actually take up by this. working on stuff for the benefit of the community. but i believe in principles, integrity. so if these things are being eroded from a community that i’m creating value for, it’s losing it’s value, and as a by product devaluing my time. so it’s in my, our best interest that this doesn’t happen.

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