Why threads are showing “Closing in 5 hours”?

What exactly constitutes “bad behavior”? I know I’m a quirky person and I express my opinions straightforward without filtering non-PC parts. I’m sure some people might not like that, but pleasing people is not the goal of this community. The goal is to help in creation of the best possible product. You won’t do that without an ability to express opinions freely. There might be some drama along the way, but that’s a cost anyone should be willing to pay. Issues can be resolved only by communicating. Restraining communication is not solving any issues - it’s masking them. You can pretend something doesn’t exist but it won’t change the reality and one day the reality might strike you in the head.

You know why Saddam lost the war so fast? Because he only expected his advisors to agree with him and didn’t tolerate bad news. So whenever he asked how the war is going they responded with “everything is great”.

Don’t trust people who always agree with you. Trust those who critique you and aren’t afraid to voice their opinions. They are the ones that will help you develop.


Can’t agree more, this is exactly what’s happening now.

Ya, definitely we will have a constructive and positive community if we ban every criticism out, or maybe just affiliated it with political ego or intention and treat it as nonsense.


You’re exactly the kind of person this community needs! :rofl:


Every community can use a vigilante sometimes to deal with corrupt authorities and I can be obsessive both ways. Put my good side to use :wink:


My perspective on setting time limits on threads:

I will preface this by saying I personally did not set any recent time limits on threads.

Here’s an an analogy for my reasoning;
I believe it’s productive to walk into a meeting with a set agenda, goals, tasks and a specific time frame to accomplish them in. Certain threads have a tendency of running amok, time limits hopefully help focus the thread. It’s not the same as closing the thread, it’s not a ban on certain topics. It’s a respectful alternative that says would you please wrap this up, this is becoming unproductive and toxic. If you can’t get what you need out of the thread within the set 6 hour time limit, then what’s the point? This is after the thread has gone completely off the rails of course.

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You might set the 6 hours that will count back in a time zone at 11 pm :slight_smile:

So the minimum countdown should be 24 hours to be fair.

I do however accept the countdown still more then the ban. You see @anon32474092 has left the Community, removed all his videos and maybe he got turned against Cardano after being badly banned…

Did you Guys have a training on how to moderate? You even have certificate programs on this!


The time limit is preset, it’s the system. Just to reiterate, this is not from the beginning of the thread. It’s once the thread goes completely berserk and more then one member comes out and asks to close it. Instead of closing the thread we respectfully give you time to accomplish what you set out to accomplish.

I think that was @anon32474092, that just liked your post.

If you believe you can do a better job, by all means nominate yourself for the next batch of moderators and go for it.

I believe that’s why we put many of the posts under “Random” section,

if everything under “Random” still has to be productive, constructive, having a set of goals/agenda/tasks, every post under a thread has to be super topic-focused and relevant. Shall we prepare an initial draft and let admins/moderators review and approve before we make any post?

I believe personal attacks and foul languages and spams shall be removed. But it’s just wrong to remove/modify/close people’s posts/threads based on what admins/moderators “think/feel”, even without any of explanation.

People always say Reddit is toxic, but why it’s still so popular? Probably it’s just because you can freely express your opinions.

What you consider as toxic, others might have a different perspective. If a small group of admin/moderators starts to ban ever talk they agree to be toxic, what else do we left?

This community is just a small version of the society we live in. Just imagine if any police can come to your door anytime and seize any assets you have because they FEEL it’s related to any wrongdoing activities. What would you think?

Anyway, right now there’s no protocol of doing moderating, the whole thing is untransparent, inconsistent and double standard.

Maybe just put a term-clause explaining you are giving up the freedom of speech by joining this form.

Ok let’s adress this, I can only speak for myself. I have gone out of my way to come out and provide reasoning for all my actions as a moderator. I volunteered myself and my actions up for scrutiny, because I believe that’s what a good moderator will do. If I cannot back up or defend my actions, I will certainly reverse any ruling. You will have to convince me intellectually, I do not respond to “peer pressure,” “likes,” “intimidation,” anything of that sort. I am also highly sensitive to subtext, I can deconstruct your message into a dozen layers and if you play smart with me, I will publicly expose your motivations.


In addition, I still do not get who come up with the concept of “let’s delete all the bad controversial debates and fights, so our project will look good and the forum will look like a nice place to attract newcomers”.

If you go back to Bitcointalk, you can still find Charles, Dan’s fights, even Satoshi’s words. No matter how ugly they are, those things did happen.

Wasn’t “Cannot Erase” the original spirit of the blockchain originally? We should not shape neither fake this community, we shall present the true face of this community to the world.

You can ban all watchdogs members, you can ban everyone who has different perspective and you consider as toxic. I’m sure after we leave, there will still be another bunch people doing the same things in the future. So why not found the deep root cause of the problem? Instead of just blaming peoples or topics being toxic and nonconstructive.

I know some moderators are just volunteers, you guys tried hard enough and people shouldn’t complain at your work. I still want to thank you guys for the voluntary works.

The responsibility of this whole thing should go to those people who got paid but are incompetent enough to do a good job.


I know you speak for yourself, I was expressing a situation in general.

but i am curious, what motivations do I have?

I do not believe in censorship. My goal is respectful discourse.

I didn’t say I can do a better job and I wouldn’t anyway like to “play police”.

What I said you need training to do this job properly. It’s highly underestimated if people think they can just do it from one day to another. There is deep psychology behind it …

Things should be consequent, consistent, unbiased, balanced & transparent from moderators. They are obviously not.

Let all of you please do some serious online training. That might help. Really.

Yes, I think so too. My suggestion is maybe you can try another approach next time, explain to people what you gonna do first, giving people a chance to express their opinions, then you do your evaluation and make the decision.

This approach does include and care people’s feelings.

I believe the problem is not because “people”, but it’s because the ways of doing things.

I don’t spend energy deconstructing everyone’s motives for doing everything. I don’t believe you personally have bad motives.

But simply ask yourself
What am I doing?
What do I want?
What is this really about?
Am I doing something positive here?


Ok sure, I’m not a difficult person. If this is the way you want me to do things, I’ll absolutely do it this way. That being said I will not play an explanation game with someone who’s trying to put one on me. If you and I don’t mean “you @Mihori,” I’m speaking generally try to play games with me, because these are not private conversations, they’re public and the public nature of the conversation itself can be used as a tool, I will absolutely shut it down.


I will also ignore any unreasonable flags and Ive seen a lot of those as well. Most of them directed at this group by the way. You may not know this but behind the scenes I’m moderating both sides.


I understand it’s a tough job, and will get people hated, especially under no-pay condition.

Still want to thank you for understanding and all the great contribution.


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