Rob the Scottish newbie

Rob here, semi-retired former IT bod in central Scotland.

My interest is mainly investment, but I’m finding the technology quite fascinating too, to the extent I can understand it. (I was a research programmer long, long ago, more recently I’ve been a humble PC repairer.)

Most of my crypto money is in a basket of top currencies but in addition about 20% is in ADA. I was initially attracted by the Edinburgh University connection, then by Cardano’s highly impressive sci/tech background. (I graduated MSc philosophy of mind from Edinburgh in 2010 and at one point seriously considered applying to do a PhD in the School of Informatics.)

That’s enough about me for now I think, I have a particular question to ask but I’ll do the proper thing and put it in the appropriate place… :sunglasses:

Welcome @RobJF!

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Welcome Rob, I just enjoyed a great week up in Scotland, wanting to head back already!

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Hi @jellylo, did you have a good Hogmanay?

Just had a chilled night in after a long journey, lots of fallen trees extended our journey by an hour or two so we were happy enough to have a few cuppas and sleep!

Hope you had a good one, cheers

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Welcome Rob! An English man in North Wales here :slight_smile:

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