Hi everyone, At the time of writing, there are 6.22 billion ada in stake and the parameter k = 150 should establish saturation at just over 41 million ADA. It’s correct ? If it is correct, there are over 50 pools that are already beyond the saturation point, but this information, useful for the delegators to be able to optimize their rewards, it seems to me that it is not given anywhere, contrary to what happened in ITN , where Pooltool, Adapools and Daedalus gave this information … I hope it will be visible again as soon as possible.

I think there is still a very minimal info for delegators. It is there if you search but not too common.
Almost no info on how a stake pool works in regards to block production /lottery /saturation /stake /rewards /epochs etc… Saturation is a big part of this. I think a lot of delegators will leave pools for the wrong reasons or choose a pool on wrong info.

But maybe this will be done by the different blockchain sites and people who will make guids on how to choose stake pools. Time will tell I guess.

Regards, Michiel, MICRO pool