Scaling my stake pool further

I recently created a running stake pool on the testnet
It has 1 core node and 1 relay node.
I was wondering 2 things.

  1. In order to increase pool performance and earnings, should I create more nodes? (core and relay pairs)
  2. If I do create more nodes, how do I assign them all to the same stake pool?

The identity of a staking pool is given by its certificate. You could of course run multiple block producer nodes using the same certificate, this would however not only be illegal (from the network perspective), but also would not lead to higher rewards. The latter is because both nodes, would always mint blocks at exactly the same slot, only one of which would eventually be accepted by the network.

AFAIK, there currently no penalty for doing this (e.g. forfeit some or all rewards) with Cardano. Other networks are less forgiving, even to the degree that it is a porcelain offense for which you loose all your stake.

To run multiple pools, you need to have multiple certificates and sufficient stake to assign to each.

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Thank you!
I am obviously new to staking so your comment really helped sort things out.
Just to be clear, running multiple stake pools is legal right? (assuming I do have the proper amount of pledge to allocate to each of the pools).

Also - this diagram is posted on the stake pool tutorial

Do you agree that it is confusing?
I assumed a stake pool should have more than 1 producer node - which is obviously not the case.

Also - Do you know what the passive and wallet nodes mean?

The picture describes the whole network - not just one pool. Wallet nodes are Daedalus wallets (which also runs a node), passive nodes are nodes just synching without relaying data, i.e. they don’t run topologyUpdater to get in peers.

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