SCAM is active again

Hello, there are scammers on YouTube active again. Unfortunately, I fell for the scam and lost a lot of money :cry:
Please be aware and do not fall for the same scam.
There are several channels active right now, streaming about the cam and leading to scammer websites.
The wallet addresses are:

Did anyone actually ever get to these people?
I contacted the local authorities, though I don’t think that they will be able to do anything.
Seems that the scammers are located in Russia - or at least this is what the IP adress tells.

Yep they got me too. Not only did I send all of my ADA but also bought more with my available BTC and sent that too!!

Don’t fall for the scams people!!

Sorry to hear that!
I am surprised that such a scam can go on for a long time without the people behind it being held accountable. Checked the addresses…the coins are forwarded to other addresses pretty much right away.

There were so many ADAs sent to this address. I saw more than 700k ADA were be withdrawn today.

Wow, so much stolen money. So many people of whom surely many lost their major coin holdings, hard earned money…this is very sad.
I hope that all parties involved and will do their best in finding these thiefs. And this is definitely damaging to Cardano, too.