SCAM Projects Claiming to be part of the Cardano Ecosystem

Hellp peeps, we are seeing a proliferation of projects claiming to be part of the Cardano Ecosystem. In order to protect people I really would like to see an official list of approved projects listed on the Cardano website that people could refer to. This means that any project claming to be part of the Cardano ecosystem would be checked out by the Cardano team and then only after sufficient checks be listed on the Cardano website. Is this possible? For instance I am very concerned that popular YouTube influencers such as Crypto Banter, Bitboy and others are heavily promoting Cardstarter projects which don’t seem to be part of the Cardano ecosystem -

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There you go:

If those guys promote it, most probably isn’t a scam, relax.

Altough I don’t keep tabs on cardstarter so can’t say for sure.