Scammed on Daedalus Mainnet

the binance address was from my transaction ID and was done true my Yoroi wallet back in Feb .

Unfortunately and provided the destination address belongs to Binance, it will be up to them to contact the recipient. I doubt they will give you any information pertaining to one of their customers. As you said you’re not a victim, then it’s not a theft, nor a scam so I don’t think you can involve law enforcement at this point.

well that’s not much of any help ? $3000 dollars down the drain and Binance scams people > WTF thats not even a solution or a option
lets all join Binance so they can scam the people and never help them retrieve there funds , thats a crock of shit

But where did you get the Binance address ? I mean apparently you did the transaction yourself, did you create an account on Binance ?

Read whole discussion todays and it seems the Daedalus wallet u used to store lost funds was fake. Probably was downloaded from fake page looking exactly like an original. Differencies are small and there are always people around trying steal your crypto.
Best way to protect your funds is to not let ayone kow u own it and keep simple rules involving to not click any links in suspicios emails, doublecheck every address u visit and keep your recovery phrase and private key safely offline.
My friends say there is always a chance to get hacked when too many people know u have something to lose. And too many can be even one more then yourself. ¨
In my case I wasnt also careful much related to this but luckily I did not share on web anything and my relatives are good to not talk further.

the problem of your entire statement is iv already have been doing this , and no one knew about my business affairs as they still dont know . and as for i am well aware of phishing scams and links . i took several crypto courses last year and was well versed on the potential scams and self educated myself true other peoples bad experiences . iv had bad experiences myself 8 years ago . this time iv been extremely cautious by never answering or sharing or asking anything , until NOW because i know i made a simple mistake and i feel as if the funds are still right there . i was asking for help not advice


why so rude!?

u already got helped a lot from @raph_cardano and @Karlaz just placed his 2cents of mind. If u’re here just to push back others mind without e.g. getting into the topic of advices: stay away. Obv. you’ve used an address you’ve chosen by yourself, and that’s the (binance-)path to follow. Otherwise, you’re a victim of crime (what u deny) and in this case I emphasize @Karlaz adive (whether u like it or not).

Well I think related to help the all possibilities what to do were said before I wrote my statement and from what I know only chance to get your money back is if law enforcing forces could track the owner of address where stolen funds were transfered. From what I know about Police in my country they r getting better in solving cibercrimes but only chance for u is if they catch robber when he sells your funds. Anyways good luck with this.
I wrote just basics not to be rude but to prevent possible newbies do mistake in this and risk their funds. I meant it in good not trying to be clever ass or after battle general.

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ya thanks , as i mentioned before Canada doesn’t have those resources they dont even know what a wallet is . i will hire someone who can help me or write it off as a negative lost , once i have time to research properly , thanks anyways

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