Security layers cardano

dear fellow cardano lovers,
can we ad more layers of security to cardano wallet??? whe have now 1. 24 words ,2. spendingpass word.3.:thinking: trezor.
2fa will be nice ad when send of funds with auto send of sms to your phone, biometric eye scan,
walletname must be hidden when send system must ask for it otherwise no send sir.
feel free to come up with other security setups i dont layers must b. paid by ada coins
thank u forum of the no 1 blockchain of planet earth​:heart::heart::v::muscle::muscle::+1::rocket:

2fA confirmantions are a good additional secitity ascertain ID

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yup true jeff will be nice if it is posible to get it turned on in our wallet,maybe if many people vote for it @ voltaire stage it gets passed or i going to call mr charles hoskinson today for it to be done hahaha…:grin: