Seeking Feedback on a CIP Idea


I’m seeking feedback, including from a development standpoint, on an idea for proposing a CIP:

From a development standpoint, as well as an administrative or social standpoint, there is no way the linked idea could be accepted as a CIP because it’s well outside the scope of the CIP framework (for reasons already given in the other thread). :face_with_monocle:

If you want to address your idea to IOG or perhaps the Cardano Foundation (whose reps monitor this forum) directly, I would recommend not mentioning the term CIP at all. Perhaps you can attract their attention & get a response based on some other notion of accountability… for instance, this is the longest thread I know of which had the most participation from these companies about a similar idea:


Hi @COSDpool,

I offered responses to your critical feedback in the original post at Idea for Proposing a Cardano Improvement Proposal

Thank you for the link to the CSPA & SPO Fight for True Decentralization post dated October 2020. Reviewing the post in detail, the CIP idea we are discussing seems to build on the solutions proposed in the post by asking to bring in IOG and CF employees.


I have posted a new reply today in the original thread at Idea for Proposing a Cardano Improvement Proposal


I am pleased to report progress engaging in conversation with the community regarding my CIP idea:


Please also see the following post:

I prepared a draft of my proposal. The idea seems to resonate with some, such as panelists at Cardano Summit 2022 including Frederik Gregaard (CEO, Cardano Foundation).

Continuing to follow the CIP process, I am posting my draft proposal on GitHub here on the Cardano CIPs forum: CIP-x?—I Gave at the Office

Also, comments are now welcome on the related GitHub issue Cardano Governance. Mr. Robert Phair (CIP Editor), thank you for your acknowledgement and respect, leaving my idea open.

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I would like to link the following two topics on the Cardano forum, noting that if my idea were to be implemented, then such issues could potentially be addressed relatively quickly and easily in practice by IO, Cardano Foundation and/or EMURGU employees, if the concerns were deemed to have merit by the same employee(s):