Sending a Native Asset

I work on an MPC signed wallet that supports Cardano, but not Native assets.

I need to construct a transaction to send native assets back to a user, who has deposited them in error.

II am working in Go, using this library: GitHub - echovl/cardano-go: Go module for the Cardano Blockchain. I can see an example showing how to mint assets, but I can’t see how to make a simple transfer transaction for native assets.

The asset to be transferred is Genius Yield Token.

I need to construct a transaction that sends (drains) Genius Yield Token from a set of UTXOs to a single address.

What additional fields need to be included for this?

Can someone explain (even generally) how to construct such a transaction?

Thanks in advance.

Hey and welcome @csknk

Im not a developer myself so i cant really answer your question, but in case you dont find an answer here, you might want to check out here : Cardano Developer Portal

Also see here, you might find your answer alone :

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Haven’t use the Go implementation up to now, but seems to contain some test cases for sending with native tokens. Maybe that helps?

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@Zyroxa - development questions are not the purpose of the Discord server you’ve linked above: rather, it’s for contributors to the Developer Portal itself (generally, content & portfolio items for that web site). The landing page on that Discord says this explicitly.

Here is the redirection message I wrote which is at the top of each of the public threads there (still somehow we routinely get developer questions posted there, which we either have to ignore or sometimes flame a bit):


Here, Developer Portal contributors discuss how to proceed with the portal in general.

@csknk to me your question looks like a great candidate for the Cardano StackExchange and I feel sure it would do well there. :nerd_face:


ups wasnt aware of that :smiley: thanks for the hint!

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