Setting Up a Self Node worthy?

Hi, im confused on how stake pool operator works, if i created a stake pool and just stake my ada on my own stakepool. Will i earn ada? Is it like mining that you setup and u earn?

I know you can delegate ada, but i want more. Or setting up your own stakepool is just a waste of time because the earnings you will get is the same as delegation if i will just use it for myself?


I looked at this same question. The conclusion that I came to was that unless you have a respectable technical skillset to manage the stake pool well and quite a few ADA (millions) to stake for yourself, then it would not be worth it. This was confirmed for me when I checked out the new testnet staking calculator today.
I have neither the skills or the ADA so I am choosing to simply stake what I have and accept that as still being a reasonable return.
Hope that helps.

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Ok, so its not really gonna be decentralised at the end? Its just mainly for stakepools. Its not like bitcoin that anyone can participate in processing the transaction? I guess i will just delegate and hodl.

You will participate by staking your ADA.

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