Setting up Cardano node: "cabal: Error parsing project file"


I have run into some trouble building the node. Currently running on WSL2, Ubuntu. I get the following message:

/cardano-node$ cabal new-build
cabal: Error parsing project file
“” (line 2, column 1):
unexpected ‘b’
expecting space or end of input

Is there a way around this?



Any update on this topic?

I posted on reddit and got some answers:

I just went through it.
So to mint native tokens it is a good idea to have a node - to able to execute commands which is related to minting…

So what is the current status? btw, you dont need to compile/install the cardano-node/cli - it is also available in pre-compiled format:

Thank you for checking in.
I started by installing Ubuntu and use that instead of WSL.

Now I just minted my first NFT, just waiting for the slot to pass and the image upload to Time to learn!

Thanks again for the help.

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