Setup a testnet node but network socket doesn't connect

Environment is WSL UBUNTU and here’s the Cardano-node run command
$ cardano-node run --config $HOME/cardano-src/testnet/config.json --database-path $HOME/cardano-src/testnet/db/ --socket-path “\\.\pipe\cardano-node-testnet” --host-addr --port 1337 --topology $HOME/cardano-src/testnet/topology.json

Here’s the error. thx for any suggestions
60498205372s Network.Socket.connect: <socket: 75>: does not exist (Connection refused)
[cryptoea:cardano.node.ChainDB:Notice:34] [2022-11-14 22:17:55.20 UTC] Chain extended, new tip: 4dfa029311fb538033dc8879c992c74137e0d5ed4f3d8062288caa349ccea6cd at slot 1808242

Where are you wanting to store your socket?

Maybe something like: $HOME/cardano-src/testnet/testnet-node.socket

Though that wouldn’t be how I would set it up. I would try to use standard filesystem locations for things like this. Eg: /run/cardano/testnet-node.socket

But then you will have to create the /run/cardano directory and ensure it is owned by the same user that is going to be running the cardano-node process.

thanks for the suggestion.
am following the docs from How to run cardano-node | Cardano Developer Portal

this is the direction from that
In Windows, the --socket-path argument would look something like this:

--socket-path "\\\\.\\pipe\\cardano-node-testnet"

this creates a file in the testnet dir. I added .node and get the same results.
Has anyone got this to work with Windows Subsystem for Linux (WSL ) UBUNTU ?

Oh man!!! Cut the umbilical cord.

I really recommend that you install Linux.