SHALP Stakepool now live - Donating % of profits to Refuge


My name is Hayley and me and my friend Liza have set up our stakepool! we managed to get it up 3hrs before D-Day WOOHOO!

We are a small pool looking to grow and develop our website to promote smaller SPO’s and make staking more de-centralised.

Our Ticker is SHALP and our Pool Details are below;

Pool ID: pool12pupdkq80hxxcje94kjgc75x9vsqsgaz65upnmx7k7zmvc3rpd5 (507816d8077dcc6c4b25ada48c7a862b200823a2d53819ecdeb785b6)

Thanks top the Cardano community and all it is trying to achieve! :heart: