Shaping the NFT Trade Market: GrabbIt NFT's Journey

Curious about the future of NFT trading? Meet our guest, Alan from Grabbit NFT, who’s dedicated his career to creating tools for creators, and is now applying his expertise to the dynamic world of NFTs. He reveals Grabbit NFT’s imminent testnet launch and price discovery event, and invites you to be a part of the conversation on Twitter Live. Uncover Alan’s journey from the tech corridors of Microsoft to the vibrant canvas of Grab It NFT, where he is reshaping how pro traders engage with the community and build their portfolios.

As we traverse the Cardano ecosystem funding and growth, you’ll discover how Grabbit NFT is pioneering a unique blend of web, free, and native community-oriented solutions to fuel their revolutionary project. Listen to Alan as he lays out their successful capital raising strategy that leveraged the team’s connections in the tech industry and the Cardano space to secure crucial VC backing. Listen in as we talk about the compelling need for open-source development within the Cardano community, and the evolving discourse on royalties. Get ready to explore the uncharted territories of NFT trading with Grabbit NFT, tune in now!