Should wait to update to 1.35?

I am seeing several issues with the 1.35 release and already seeing 1.35.2 tags in IOHK already. Does it make sense to wait now or do you need to be on 1.35 by the vasil mainnet hard fork?


Just wait. 1.35.0 or later is just for test net at the moment. Best just to wait until we’ve got the green light for main net


Like @jeremyisme mentioned, I am waiting for 1.35.1 to be green lit before upgrading my main net nodes. My understanding is that there is also a strong possibility 1.35.2 will be released before the main net hard fork as well.

I recommend waiting on 1.35.0. If you keep an eye on these forums and the official IOG release/SPO channels, you will know when its time to upgrade your nodes for the main net hard fork.


1.35 was annoying to install and before i managed to make it all work it was recommended to wait…
but had already upgraded a relay node, then today the relay node just randomly restarted…

not sure if that is related to 1.35 but i really haven’t seen any stability issues before.

so i would say wait…

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an easy way i check for updates is by simply using the git url with the latest tag, which then redirects one to the latest release.

Release Cardano Node 1.35.0 · input-output-hk/cardano-node · GitHub

i know there are much more advanced solutions with notifications setup and stuff like that… but i do really like solutions one can basically copy paste to others.

You can put this in a cron job script:

curl -s '' | jq -r .tag_name

If it is useful to anyone, here is the script I use to stay alert for a new version which I have a cron job run daily. This allows you to just receive an email when a new version is rolled out.

set -o nounset
set -o errexit
set -o pipefail

export PATH='/usr/sbin:/usr/bin:/sbin:/bin'

admin_email='admin@myemail.mydomain' #FIXME

[[ "$(cardano-node --version)" =~ $regex ]]
latest="$(curl -s $latest_url | jq -r .tag_name)"

function send_mail() {
  local message="${@:-Error: No message}"
  sendmail "$admin_email" <<EOF
Subject: $executable new version available


if [[ -z "${current:-}" || -z "${latest:-}" ]]; then
  send_mail "Error checking versions: current='${current:-}', latest='${latest:-}'."
if [[ "$current" != "$latest" ]]; then
  send_mail "$executable installed version $current can be updated to $latest."

To get notifications, you can also simply go to the Github releases page:

On the header there is a button “Notifications”. Needs a Github account but this way you can get E-Mail notifications if there is a new release.


Ah, clever. I forgot follow the gitbhub page!

Another way is to follow the Telegram announcements:

In case anyone missed it from the announcement telegram:


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