Has Vasil hard fork date been announced?

1.35.1 released yet?

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No,. There’s some newer versions out there but all for test net. An announcement will come from IOG for main net in due course


Hi @Seshat,

In addition to the latest release at Releases · input-output-hk/cardano-node · GitHub you can monitor the tagged commits at Tags · input-output-hk/cardano-node · GitHub


Does anyone know what happened to 1.35.0? A couple of weeks ago this was the latest release, but now the latest release is 1.34.1 again! Was 1.35.0 pulled back?

1.35.0 seems to have been pulled as a recommended release because of this issue:

So are we running 1.35.3 on mainnet? I would they would make that very easy and clear.

Hello @Seshat

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Wow, another call to upgrade in a same day. :smiley:

…, because the first one was deleted … due to blowback?

Blow back in just 1 hour and 39 minutes :rofl:
Most efficient ghost-chain community ever. :+1: :blue_heart: :wink:

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