Sirin Labs Emurgo Cardano blockchain smart phone!

This week has been full of very exciting news! Am I the only one reading these releases! Wake up crypto world some real applications are emerging from the crypto universe you have been incubating for years!!!


I have been waiting for something like this to be released. An open source phone with a built in hardware wallet for ultimate mobile security will surely be the future for crypto adoption in both banked and unbanked ecosystems.



Iโ€™m waiting for my Librem 5 phone developer kit to see what open source can do!

What does it mean when they say it will support the Cardano protocol or ADA on Finney?

Does that mean Cardano/ADA will be one amongst a dozen others or something which is a more in-depth partnership?

Not certain, good spotting the semantics. Either way itโ€™s a positive.

Great to see Cardano as part of the forefront in this area. Fits in with what Charles has talked about regarding trusted hardware and off chain โ€œcashโ€ transactions.


@Merlot I hope your right, this would be great to use off chain transactions from an android phone.,