Samsung Galaxy S10 Crypto Wallet

Forget Ledger integration, forget Yoroi Mobile Wallet for Android & iOS …

This native, embedded & integrated context where Cardano has to be supported. ASAP!

IMO likely the next iPhone in September, 2019 will have a similar integrated crypto secure HW wallet feature.

The race begins which crypto will follow the first supported ones (ETH, BTC, XRP?, …). There can’t be delays on this, we must be in the second round …

Ps: of course don’t forget those mobile SW wallets as these flagship phones won’t come cheap …


I feel like this is a device looking for a feature. I wouldn’t move to Samsung just for this.

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I think cardano have more value to add to Samsung as a whole instead of other way around Samsung apple google big players are going to want to run cardano platform on their devices instead of cardano going to them, but it will take sometime.

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Well it’s where we want to end up, but we have to get there :slight_smile:

At the moment not.

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