S10 and ADA

The rumors were true. Much-anticipated flagship, Samsung Galaxy S10, will feature crypto wallet, that will enable device users to send and receive cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin or Ethereum

Any chance for work on ADA compability with S10? Could be quite neat. Granted Yoroi wallet app is allready neat just more options is good for the adoption.


Just another way to be tracked…no thanks

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Respect that, but other users might want this feature.

True. It would be convenient and drive adoption.

Makes sense, more and more smart phones will allow access to their secure enclave. iPhones that feature TouchID or FaceID already have a secure enclave. It’s just a matter of time before all smart phones begin to support all functionality we see these days in dedicated hardware wallets.

Actually, smart phones can go a step further in enabling off-chain transactions - like the ones Charles has been talking about in his AMAs.

I am not sure whether there is already a formal specification for off-chain transactions. If there isn’t then I am sure some research team at IOHK is working on it :slight_smile:

I think this is an fantastic development. Most likely they will support BTC out of the box. I need to keep my eye out in case Samsung released their own coin. That is a very likely scenario.

In the mean time, to me the next best thing would be to get Yoroi on iPhone. (Android users are so lucky)