Slot Leader Schedule - Find out when your pool will mint blocks

Hi folks, Any suggestions would be appreciated on why I keep getting the below error when trying to determine by slot leader schedule. My pool is up and running and I am processing transactions… I am using this guide and have installed/followed everything they published:

COMMAND: sigmaValue=(python3 --pool-id (cat ${NODE_HOME}/stakepoolid.txt) | tail -n 1 | awk ‘{ print $2 }’)

Traceback (most recent call last):
File “”, line 66, in
sigma = float(bs[poolId]/total_bs)
KeyError: ‘mypoolid-removed-here-abcdefg3211131313540X’.

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This is the that I use. Fast results and easy to setup.

How new is your pool? For me that script didn’t work until after two epochs from when I registered my node.

I think this is because the current epoch operates based on a snapshot of the network as it existed from the beginning of the previous epoch and for one’s node to eligible to be selected as a slot leader one’s node must have been present at that time of the snapshot.

For example, let’s say a node was registered mid-way through epoch 225. It won’t be eligible as a slot leader during epoch 226 because epoch 226 is looking at the network as it was at the beginning of epoch 225. When epoch 227 kicks off it will look at the network as it stood from the beginning of 226, it will see your node was there and, assuming it’s running properly, be eligible for slot leadership.

Also +1 for the papacarp’s script recommended by @MantisPool-MANT

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Yes, I am drawing the same conclusion. however thank you for confirming my bloody suspicions mates.

I have been scouting other pools that are new and noticed that the REWARD tab on is blank/vacant even though for older pools this section forecast your blocks. I’ll give it another epoch before I go to my parliamentarian.


Yes per my previous post my pool is reporting now. This Slot Leader Schedule finder is a very useful tool (shout out to BLUECHEESE STAKEPOOL owner for creating it). Unfortunately my pool still shows zero blocks scheduled for this epoch.

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