Smartcontracts lock!

hey there,i want to know when the 2000/3000 smartcontracts are going to be unlocked??? and why they are not active right after hf,has it 2 do with software or something else?? will iohk give us a date when they are ready to switch on those contracts. after the hf i dont see any change in my wallet due this new era a button or anything where i can submit a contract or join one or is this not the way how its working,think must be made realy eazy to join/submit like whe do now staking drag&drop🤔
leave me your thinkings here dear cardano army

That’s not quite how it works.

The Alonzo Purple fork marks the first time Plutus, PAB, and smart contracts are supported on main-net nodes. However it still requires dapp developers and projects to integrate and deploy a solution on top of this functionality. Many of us started working on this long before the fork but most are not quite ready to go live on main-net just yet.

In other words, this is the start of the work not the end! Larger projects with VC funding and many developers on their teams will likely launch by the end of the month. Mid-size projects by the end of the year and small projects like mine that literally have a team of one will likely only go live on main-net next year sometime :wink:

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thanks dino stil learning day by day some stuff stil very complex for normal people. so in 2 a 3 months all functions of cardano are up and running smooth you think🤔

You’ll start to see stuff rolling out soon but the party is just getting started as it were. There are many years of development to be done still on all fronts!

Typically development phases are staggered based on dependencies. So as Cardano itself improves with new features and functionality then so will the ecosystem and all the projects built on top of it after the fact. It tends to be an incremental process where the goal is to have continuous improvements over both the short and long term.

You can watch the transactions of smart contracts at Contract Transactions - Cardanoscan. Click on the transaction ID to learn more about the contract:

  • Its UTXOs tab shows the flow of ADA and tokens.
  • Its Metadata tab (if it has metadata) shows human-readable information. (You’ll need to click on each metadata line to see more.)
  • Its TokenMint tab (if it mints tokens) shows what tokens were created.
  • Its Contracts tab shows the address of the contract along with the Plutus datum and redeemer. With the right tools, you can somewhat decode the datum and redeemer to understand more about how the contract works.

Perusing this information shows at least three contracts running regularly on mainnet:

  1. Lars’s lobster challenge at both addr1w8433zk2shufk42hn4x7zznjjuqwwyfmxffcjszw5l2ulesdt3jff and fda1b6b487bee2e7f64ecf24d24b1224342484c0195ee1b7b943db50, because it runs two Plutus scripts per transaction.
  2. An ADA price oracle at addr1w83yy69vkawcvya7eamsy7upqq5dzlrhd77m3myhkznfhrszj6emw.
  3. The PIGY Oracle at addr1w83xtd6pekdv93xkj4qz77a5edyuhcxeuvlwex3xm0afukgj73l65.

There are other Plutus scripts running occasionally, which you can find via, cardano-db-sync, or cardano-graphql. I don’t know of a site that lists all contract addresses.